Monday, 1 February 2010

Bonsai Trees - Stunning Examples

Bonsai trees for beginners

Tips And Tricks For Bonsai Beginners The art of bonsai is a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby. People who engage in it are provided the satisfaction of producing special, one of a kind and elegant bonsai plants that always bring joy and light to the home. Bonsai is the art and hobby of growing miniature plants that are either small trees or tiny woody plants that are shaped as trees.
Most bonsai beginners confuse this hobby with dwarfing. However, dwarfing is a different type of pastime. It involves a more scientific process of research and using plant materials in order to produce small genetic counterparts of existing plant species. Bonsai, on the other hand, does not entail genetically dwarfed plants. It is based on growing tiny tree species from regular seeds.
When you are starting in this hobby, you will learn a lot of cultivation techniques that will make producing small trees more effective and efficient. The different cultivation techniques that are used include root reduction, defoliation, pruning, potting and grafting. They are combined in order to create miniature trees that closely resemble the look of full-sized adult trees.
A lot of people often wonder what the purpose of engaging into bonsai is. Bonsai trees, unlike other plant-related production, are not intended for the production of any usable materials. A lot of planting is usually done in order to produce medicine, food or for landscape purposes. Though beautiful, bonsai trees are not enough to create a yard-sized landscape. They are also not used to generate food nor medicine.
Like most hobbies, bonsai is done by most people primarily for enjoyment and as an object for contemplation. You do not have to have a practical use for a hobby in order to do it. Sometimes, you just engage in it because it makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Growing bonsai is also a lovely and pleasing exercise of ingenuity and effort especially for those who grow them.
The history of bonsai is long and rich. Growing small plants in containers can be traced back to the early years of Egyptian civilization, but it was popularized in China and spread into Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. The term itself is a variant of the earlier Chinese word penzai. It is the Japanese pronunciation and is often used to refer to all miniature plants, from shrubs to trees that are grown in pots and containers.
This hobby can be pretty expensive. There are many tools that you have to acquire in order to produce special bonsais. It is often compared to photography because of the many tools that most growers buy in order to bring the art of growing small trees to a higher level. If photographers rush to buy the latest lens, bonsai growers rush to buy new tools and learn new techniques in order to produce more kinds of plants.
These are many tree species that are used in bonsai. Whether you are a collector or a grower, you will certainly enjoy the hobby with the many trees that you can collect or grow.